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Posted on February 29th, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

Update 3/6/2024: The product page has dropped which includes more information and pack artwork!

Each booster pack of 8 cards (2 foils) has a chance to include a Grundo Warehouse card which includes a code for an exclusive item prize (which include NEW backgrounds and wearables!).

Each Starter Deck of 55 cards comes with exclusive dice and a code for an exclusive BRAND NEW avatar! (each of the two decks will include it's own avatar!)

If you missed out on the Shoyru avatar that was included with the SDCC and Gen Con Promo Sets, you have a chance to win one of 25 codes that award one by signing up for Upper Deck's email list! (note that this sweepstakes is only open in the US and Canada and prohibited in some states.)

Upper Deck is also providing support for an organized play program. Let your local card stores know you want Neopets from Upper Deck!

(no prices or release date quite yet.)

Some updates about Upper Deck's upcoming Neopets Trading Cards.

First, they have just posted an update about the upcoming Battledome TCG.

No new information (outside of this cool new logo!) but it's exciting to see they're still pushing full steam ahead for launch.

To recap, this is an all new trading card game (totally different than the original) that features a unique dice based combat system, all new art (over 250 unique cards in the first set!) that features over 20 different Neopets species and many characters from Neopia. These are physical cards, and will be available for purchase in actual retail stores. (be sure to ask your local gaming or comic store to stock them!)

Click here to read the latest update at Upper Deck

Click here for the original release announcement from last July.

Also a minor update about the Neopets Weekly Series, that launched on Upper Deck e-Pack last year and was paused in order to address concerns of the Neopets community.

Let me first say that Upper Deck has stated that they will keep us informed of when these will launch again, and as of yet have not, so we are a ways off for launch.

These cards are completely separate from the TCG, and are only available for purchase on Upper Deck's e-Pack website, where you are purchasing digital cards. The Neopets series specifically can later be redeemed for physical cards (for a small fee plus S&H.) In updates last year, Upper Deck stated that you would still need to have the entire set (which includes now sold out cards) in your digital account (unredeemed) in order to claim the end of series bonuses.

Ok, now for the actual update.

All cards have received a total overhaul. The card layout has been updated, some pets poses and colours have been changed, and the issues pointed out by the community have been corrected.

Currently if you own digital cards on e-Pack they have been updated to this new art. No word if that is what you will receive when redeeming your cards. (as the original ones are already printed, and folks who redeemed their cards in the last year got the original designs.) Again, I'm sure Upper Deck will update once we are closer to launch, but it's great to see they are moving forward and keeping the community's feedback in mind when doing so.

As always, keep checking back for updates, and you can also check out Upper Deck's socials at:

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