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Neopets at SDCC 2024

Posted on June 27th, 2024 @ 6:00pm by Joe.

Neopets will be back at San Diego Comic-Con (July 24th - 28th) celebrating their 25th anniversary!

Visit Neopets at booth 3839 to purchase a 25th Anniversary Aisha plush ($25, only 500 available at SDCC, individually numbered and includes an exclusive Rare Item Code!) Also available are The Great Golden Slushie 25th Anniversary G FUEL set (also available now online), exclusive mini pins and lanyard set from What's Your Passion Jewelry ($30, also available online, see below), The Void Within Baseball Cap ($15, only 100 available at SDCC) and Neohoods ($30 each). All come with virtual prize codes! the Faerie Edition Tarot Card set will also be on sale ($25 - no code with this)  Spin the Wheel of Excitement to win prizes, have your photo taken with BEEG Aisha, meet TNT (to tell them we need more Meepit merch), and more surprises! 

UCC Distributing (booth 5613) will be selling 25th Anniversary Shoyru plushies. ($24.99) They are limited to 500 pieces, individually numbered, and come with an exclusive Virtual Prize Code! (Access to UCCs booth requires entering SDCC's Exclusives Lottery. Which is only open submissions July 9th - 18th. In the past they have allowed walk up purchases later in the day once all lottery winners have purchased, but there's no way to determine if they will have the bandwidth or product to do it this year until the day of.) 

What's Your Passion Jewelry (booth 1021) will have a set of exclusive gold and silver pins (Kyrii, Poogle, Ruki, Tuskaninny - $12.99 - each come with a code for their own exclusive virtual item) as well as an SDCC 2024 Exclusive Starry Paint Brush Pin that's free with a $45 Neopets purchase (at the show or online.) It's limited to 700 pieces and also comes with a code for an exclusive virtual item. They will also be launching four new open edition pieces of jewelry (Battle Duck Studs, Battle Duck Bead, Scorchio Pendant, Void Blade Necklace), two new 25th Anniversary pins (Draik, Kougra - two new items will be added to the virtual prize pool for this release) and two regular edition pins (Umbra, Grey Faerie)

All items (including the pin/lanyard set that Neopets is selling will also be available for sale online beginning July 24th at 9am NST/PDT (12 noon EDT). The limited edition items (gold/silver pins, paint brush pin, pin/lanyard set) will go off sale July 29th at 9:59pm NST/PDT (11:59pm EDT)        

Upper Deck (booth 307) will be offering a very unique exclusive. YOU as a Neopets Battledome TCG card! More details will be available soon. They will also be selling Starter Decks ($20) and Booster Boxes ($90) of the new Neopets Battledome TCG.

Neopets CEO Dominic Law, Upper Deck President Jason Masherah, Neopets Battledome TCG Game Designer Bobby Coovert, and TNT Aesop will be hosting a panel on Thursday, July 25 from 12pm-1pm in Room 28DE, titled “Neopia Reimagined!” where they will discuss bringing virtual characters to life.


Attendees are encouraged to share photos from the event tagging Neopets social media accounts with the hashtag #NeopetsSDCC2024 to be entered for a chance to win a Neopets prize pack! Winners will be selected each day of the convention.

Stay tuned to this article (linked in the menu on the In Person Events tab), as more details will be added leading up to the show.

See all items available at the show. (continuously updated as we learn more.)

Read full Neopets press release.

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