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News and Updates

Great News!

Geekify has been cleared to give a Virtual Prize Code for each pin/patch purchased! (previously you were only awarded a Prize Code if you purchased a full set) You will still also receive a high-tier prize code for purchasing a full set. (so a total of 7 codes plus 1 high-tier code for purchasing the full set of eight pins)

Virtual items awarded from the individual item codes come from a separate pool of prizes than the super rare items that you can receive with a full set code!

You can view the virtual items from the new codes here. You can view the high-tier code items here.

Get an item we don’t have listed? Let us know!

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hot Topic has added Hoodie and Sweatshirt options to their print on demand Neopets clothing. All of the original designs are represented, plus there is one new design currently only available on a hoodie or sweatshirt (It’s the Pets Playing one – the leftmost image below)

View the Hoodies here and the Sweatshirts here in our database.

Note that because these are print on demand they are only available online and not in Hot Topic stores, also we’ve gotten some reports of lesser quality prints, so be sure to check it thoroughly if you order.

A separate reminder that there is also clothing by H3 Sportgear available at Hot Topic online and in their stores. You will find a list of those items here.

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