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News and Updates

Neopets at SDCC @ Home!

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has announced a new partnership with Neopets and four pieces will be available starting tomorrow (July 22nd) as part of SDCC@Home!

Available to order now (shipping sometime in late August or September due to COVID delays) are a Kougra, Shoyru, and Kacheek Necklaces, and a Jubjub Charm Bead with more designs coming soon!.

Each item comes with an exclusive virtual prize code!

If you order during SDCC@Home (July 22nd to 26th) you will get 15% off (the discount is applied when you add the itme to your cart) and TWO virtual prize codes instead of one!

New Neopets Merch

Geekify has announced an upcoming line of Neopets Merch including:

  • Embroidered patch set
  • Species beanies and spirit hoods
  • Coins and medallions
  • Keychains (2D and 3D)
  • Cloth maps and tapestries
  • Sculpted Mugs
  • Tarot Deck
  • Special Edition Neopets pins
  • and more!

They are currently soliciting feedback over on Reddit. (Note that Reddit in general is not a family friendly place, Kids please get with a parent before clicking this link)