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News and Updates

Pride Neggs!

Posted on June 12th, 2024 @ 1:30pm by Joe.

Originally announced in 2022, and up until now only three were available in person at conventions, Geekify Inc. has just launched the full series of Pride Negg pins online.

Intersectional, Asexual, and Trans are shipping now and the remainder are all new designs that have just launched for preorder and will ship in late July.

Each comes with a virtual prize code, and 15% of the sale of any pride themed items at Geekify will be donated to “foundations and charities assisting marginalized communities.”

Add them to your lists.

Get yours here.

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Neopets Colouring Book Coming in 2025!

Posted on June 2nd, 2024 @ 4:16pm by Joe.

Our Friends at Andrews McMeel are launching Neopets: The Official Colouring Book in March of 2025!

It includes a forward by TNT Aesop, cover art by Anthony Conley, 112 heavy duty perforated single-sided pages to colour, and stickers! Best of all it includes a virtual prize code (just like the cookbook) that will award an exclusive item!

It's available for preorder now at Amazon, but you can get it everywhere books are sold come March!

Add it to your merch lists here.

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Neopets Weekly Trading Cards Series - Week 9

Posted on June 3rd, 2024 @ 11:00am by Joe.

Week 9 of Upper Deck e-Pack's weekly Neopets trading card set launches tomorrow at 9am PDT/NST (12 noon EDT)

Week 9 is Blumaroo, Meerca and Grundo.

Week 8 sold out in under a minute, so if you are hoping to get these, be at this link promptly at launch (keep refreshing, they don't show up right away, and they have not been the first pack in the list)

You can buy a maximum of 3 packs per order (no limit on orders)      
Same odds as previous weeks      
499 packs released      
Each includes at least four cards - The three base cards, plus one Baby variant.          
Select packs will also include a bonus fifth card:      
1 in 6 packs includes a Faerie variant card.      
1 in 12.2 packs includes a Virtual Prize Code Card (or Loot Card.)          
1 in ?? packs includes a limited edition 1 of 1 Printing Plate.

Click here to see the full set.

Click here for more information on e-pack (digital cards that are redeemed for physical) and this release.

Click here for the Week 9 announcement at Upper Deck.

Click here for info on the Neopets Battledome TCG. (completely separate from this.)

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Battledome TCG Release Date Announced!

Posted on May 31st, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

This morning Upper Deck has sent out a press release announcing the wide release of the Neopets Battledome TCG after it's pre-release in Canada earlier this month. The game will be available at local game stores and online at Upper Deck and authorized internet retailers on June 26th!

Booster Packs will retail for $3.99, Starter Decks $19.99 (USD)

And they've got a whole lot more planned!

Additionally, Upper Deck plans to release future sets later this year and will launch a website that provides a store locator to find and purchase the game, find and register for Upper Deck and Certified Diamond Dealer-approved organized play tournaments, as well as a deck building tool which will allow players to create and save their decks.

We've started collecting a list of all Battledome TCG events here. If you know of one we don't, please contact us!

Read the full Press Release

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Battledome TCG Art Prints

Posted on May 28th, 2024 @ 9:05am by Joe.

Neopets and Upper Deck have just announced two limited edition foiled art prints based on art from the New Battledome TCG. Jhudora Appears, featuring art from the Full Art TCG Card by Anthony Conley is limited to 250 ($59.99), and Sarah & Daisy: Gruesome Gruslens, featuring all new art by Shamine Athena King is limited to just 100 ($99.99). Both will be hand numbered.

They'll be available on May 30th at 9AM PDT/NST (noon EDT) at Upper Deck Store.

Update: Upper Deck will be live on Twitch tomorrow (5/29) at 10AM PDT/NST (1PM EDT) showing off these amazing prints!

Watch a VOD of the livestream here.

Update: Prints are live! Grab yours here!

Upper Deck has also added a blog post with more detail on the artwork and the artists who created it.

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