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Geekify Inc. Flash Sale

Posted on December 19th, 2022 @ 11:20pm by Joe.

Our friends at Geekify Inc. have launched a flash sale on select Neopets items from now through December 21st.

You can save 15% off Neopets Pins, Patches, Posters, Blankets, Ornaments, Neopoints Coins, Slap Bracelets, Squishies, and the Cloth Map with promo code NEOFLASH!

All items come with Virtual Prize Codes!

The code can’t be combined with any other offers.

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New at Neopets Shop

Posted on November 28th, 2022 @ 11:32am by Joe.

Neopets Shop has launched some new items today!

The first is a double-sided ornament

Also a Kougra sherpa blanket (available in two sizes!)

Two different phone cases (Pets and Baby Neopets – available for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy)

and finally sweatshirts featuring three of their popular designs!

Pride Paintbrushes (White or Black.), Faeries (art by Anthony Conley – Indigo Blue, Light Blue, or Pink.) and Neopets Collage (art by Krista Staggs – Indigo Blue, Light Blue, or Pink.)

These items are printed/made to order, so if you are considering for Christmas, it’s a good idea to order early.

Unfortunately these items do not come with Virtual Prize Codes.

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WYP Holiday Collection

Posted on November 12th, 2022 @ 8:30am by Joe.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

(really anytime new Neopets Merch releases is wonderful!)

What's Your Passion Jewelry has just launched six new holiday themed items, including three pins (Taelia, Jinjah, and Polarchuck), a necklace (featuring the fan favourite Snowickle design from their limited edition pin), an ornament (Snow Faerie Doll Snowglobe), and a themed lanyard (which includes an upgraded lobster clasp!)

They're all available for preorder starting at 9AM NST today and will ship in mid-December.

Each comes with a Virtual Prize Code that awards an item from the holiday themed prize pool.

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New From Geekify!

Posted on November 1st, 2022 @ 4:30pm by Joe.

Two new releases today from our friends at Geekify Inc.

First are a blast from the past!

You can be the coolest kid at the lunch table with your Neopets Slap Bands!

They're available in four radical colours and each comes with a Virtual Prize Code!

(There's a discount if you buy all four!)

Next up is the return of the Chocolate Advent Calendar!

These will ship late November (just in time for opening!) and each include a Virtual Prize Code.

Geekify has also provided some details on the processes they have implemented to ensure high quality with the calendar. Please read the full details here but below is an excerpt.

We've made vast changes in the process, packaging, and procedures for this year. Given the advance start of the project, we’ve had plenty of time to prepare and to improve on what we learned from doing Advent Calendars previously. 

* Each chocolate is being molded directly in formed plastic trays, saving both time and improving presentation

* We’ve partnered with a candy kitchen for production

* Each package will be shrink wrapped to ensure freshness.

* We've chosen a different brand of higher-end chocolate melt wafers for casting. 

~~ Geekify Inc.

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Neopets Christmas Ornaments

Posted on October 30th, 2022 @ 9:00am by Joe.

Add a little bit of Neopia to your holiday tree with new Christmas Ornaments from our friends at Geekify!

Each comes with a Virtual Prize Code and the will ship at the end of November!

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