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First Look at the New Neopets TCG!

Posted on July 19th, 2023 @ 9:11pm by Joe.

Upper Deck has shared a first look at the new Neopets TCG - now releasing in 2024.

Become the champion of the Battledome and uncover the wonders of Neopia in this fast-paced 2-player trading card game. Neopets Battledome TCG features a unique dice combat system, innovative deck building strategies, and over 20 Neopets to collect!

With over 250 unique pieces of custom art, the nostalgia of Neopets is brought to life with exquisite artwork on each card. Created by fan favorite artists Anthony Conley (@anthonyconleyart), Krista Staggs (@kuitsuku), Shamine Athena King (@quartervirus), and many more; the illustrations bring the vibrant Neopets characters and their surroundings to life. From cute and cuddly to fierce and formidable, the cards showcase the incredible diversity of the Neopian universe. Let the enchanting artwork capture your imagination and fuel the need to collect them all.

Read the Battledome TCG Press Release here.

Read the original announcement info (March 2022) here.

They also have a promo pack of six cards (two are exclusive to the show!) at their SDCC Booth (#307) and they will also have some available at Gen Con!

The promo pack includes a code that unlocks a new avatar!

Click here (or the fancy link in the menu) a full list of what's available at SDCC 2023!

Update July 26th: Upper Deck has announced that while the promo card set that will be available at Gen Con will be slightly different (Blue Shoyru - like on the avatar - with different stats, and Har Codestone instead of Mau) the code will award the same avatar.  Additionally they will have the playmats available as a gift with purchase.

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