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Paint your Neopets! (Upper Deck TCG Update)

Posted on March 20th, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

This week's Upper Deck Neopets TCG update sees the introduction of Paint Brushes and Painted Pets!

Welcome to the Rainbow Pool! We know you Neopians are familiar with this wonderful place, so we made sure to bring it directly to you in Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game. In this first set, Defenders of Neopia, you will find five different Paint Brushes: Fire, Ghost, Faerie, Starry, and Rainbow. These Paint Brushes of course give your Neopets cool and unique new looks, but that’s not all! Each paint brush also changes your Neopets stats or adds new abilities as well. You might see a stat increase or even a cool new effect that changes the tides in battle. We’ll bring back last week’s Neopets to show you how each of them improves under their new version!
Fan the flames of Neopia with the Fire Paint Brush! You will find 11 different Neopets in Defenders of Neopia with a fire painted version (Uni is exclusive to the Fire Uni Starter Deck). And who better yield its fiery power than Shoyru. Notice that Fire Shoyru has higher Attack, Agility, and Hit Points after being painted!

For all the spooky enjoyers, we knew this next one would be a great include in Defenders of Neopia. You’ll find 10 of the sets Neopets in this Ghost form. Here’s the Ghost Paint Brush and a beautifully mysterious Ghost Lupe with improved Defence, a bump in Hit Points, and even a sweet new ability!

Turn your pet into a high-flying faerie with this Neopian favorite Paint Brush! There will be faerie versions of 10 of the Neopets found in the Defenders of Neopia set. This bright and fun look is perfect for Kacheek and boosts it up with some more Agility, more Hit Points, and a cool new ability!

Lasso down the stars and paint your pet with this glistening Paint Brush! You will find starry versions of 11 of the species in this set (Acara is exclusive for the Starry Acara Starter Deck). You might catch a glint of this Jubjub rolling down a hill with some extra Defence and Agility.

Turns out, the treasure at the end of the rainbow was always beautifully painted Neopets! Each of the 20 species can be found in a Rainbow version. Here is what Aisha looks like with this colorful upgrade, combining the bonus from Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Neopets all in one! Note the Rainbow Neopets will be filled with a textured foil and have an amazing shine to them.

Be sure to also check out Upper Deck's Twitch channel tomorrow (March 21st) at 10:00AM NST/PDT (1:00PM EDT) where Battledome TCG game designer, Bobby Coovert, will be discussing the cards that were shown off today!

Update: Check out the VOD here!

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