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Train and Equip! (Upper Deck Battledome TCG Update)

Posted on March 28th, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

In this week's preview of the upcoming Neopets Battledome TCG, Upper Deck shows off Codestones, which allow you to train your pet, and Equipment, which when attached to a Neopet of the proper level, provides stat bonuses and abilities!

Just like in Neopia, Codestones in Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game are used to train your Neopets by increasing your Neopet’s stat values and their level allowing you to play certain cards. This will make a little more sense in the Equipment section below! In the meantime, here is some more insight into how Codestones work.

Today we are showing you 3 of the 9 total Codestones. These are Eo, Har, and Zei (the same ones you can find in Neopia!). You will notice on the bottom of each card is a different +1 stat modifier. This means that this Codestone provides a boost to that stat, giving your Neopet a little more edge in battle! Eo gives +1 Attack, Har gives +1 Defence, and Zei gives +1 Agility.

In addition to a stat boost, Codestones also determine your Neopets level. This is important for playing cards and is simply determined by how many Codestones you have attached to your Neopet. Each turn you may attach a Codestone from your Inventory (the cards in your hand) to your Neopet. Then, the number of Codestones it has attached determines its level: 1 Codestone = Level 1, 2 Codestones = Level 2, etc. Let’s see why your Neopet’s level matters with some Equipment cards.

Upper Deck has also provided us these exclusive previews of three additional Codestones!

In Neopia, training and preparing for the Battledome is no easy feat. It takes time to level up your Neopet and find well-crafted equipment to give your fighter their best chances at victory. We have approached Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game with the same technique and are excited to show you some of the awesome Equipment you’ll find to power up your Neopet. Here are Expert Bow and Tower Shield.

Let’s take a closer look at how to play these cards and what they do. The first thing we want to highlight is the card’s “level requirement.” This refers to the number in the top left of the cards: 3 for Expert Bow and 4 for Tower Shield. This means that your Neopet must have a level equal to or greater than that number to play it (remember, this is dictated by the number of Codestones it has attached). So, the more your Neopet trains with Codestones, the stronger the Equipment they are capable of yielding!

The next, and most important part of the card is its ability. This is shown in the text box towards the bottom of the card and typically contains an ongoing effect that changes the way your Neopet battles! In this case, the Expert Bow gives your Neopet an additional 1 Attack and an additional 1 Agility, while the Tower Shield grants an additional 3 Defence. While there are a lot of various equipment cards that give a passive boost to your Neopets stats, there are many that have unique and more complex abilities. For example, here are Jhudora’s Cursed Sword and Blade of the Battle Faerie.

You will notice that these unique equipment cards have more complex effects and refer to certain times that these abilities will trigger. These will synergize with specific mechanics of other cards and create cool combos to build your deck around! As we continue to preview more of the Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game, you will find that other cards like Faeries and Legends will support these archetypes to play a significant role in your deck’s goal.

Be sure to also check out Upper Deck's Twitch channel today (March 28th) at 10:00AM NST/PDT (1:00PM EDT) where Battledome TCG game designer, Bobby Coovert, will be discussing the cards that were shown off today as well as more exclusive previews!

Update: Check out the VOD here!

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