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Neopets Weekly Series Trading Cards Back!

Posted on April 15th, 2024 @ 12:00pm by Joe.

The Neopets Weekly Series Trading Cards from Upper Deck e-Pack that were paused last year after only one week of sales to address concerns from the community are back as of tomorrow (April 16th.)

Update: Week 2 packs sold out in three minutes. Week 3 launches at the same time next Tuesday.

There has been no change to how they are distributed, so at 9am PDT/NST (12 noon EDT) 499 packs of Week 2 will be available for $5.99 each. They'll be available for one week or until they sell out. (Week 1 sold out in 12 minutes.)

Week 2 features Xweetok, Lupe, and Uni.

As we announced previously, all of the cards have received an update.

For those not familiar with this series, it is completely separate from the TCG. A new pack of digital cards will be released on Upper Deck e-Pack each Tuesday (for 9 weeks) containing 3 different base cards (for a total of 27 in the base set) and one of three Baby variant cards (27 total.) Some packs may also include rare Faerie variant cards (1 in six packs – 27 total), Code Cards with a code redeemable for a virtual item on (1 in 12.2 packs), or even rarer Printing Plate cards (one in each colour (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) for each card)!

Upper Deck e-Pack allows you to easily trade your digital cards with other collectors on the platform, and then when you are happy with what you have, all cards in this series are eligible for physical card redemption. You must own the digital copy (and it must not have been previously redeemed!!) in order to claim the printed version. (A shipping and handling charge applies. It starts at $5.00 plus $1.00 for the first card and $.25 for each additional)

 Caution: Always check to see that the card you are trading for has not yet been redeemed before trading for it.

There are also achievement cards available for redeeming full sets. Darigan variant cards for completing the base set (9 total - so you'd need to complete nine base sets to have a chance to get them all.) and Mutant variant cards for completing the Baby set (9 total - so you'd need to complete nine Baby sets to have a chance to get them all.)

The full set of digital cards must be in your account and redeemed at the same time in order to receive an achievement card. It is best to wait until the full set has been released before you redeem.

There has been no word on whether Week 1 will be reissued (though they have also received updates, so we hope to see more, as without them, you can not complete your set/claim an achievement.)

Click here for the Week 2 info on Upper Deck's website.

Click here for the original release information.

Click here for previous updates on the pausing of the release.

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