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Battledome TCG Release Day!

Posted on June 26th, 2024 @ 6:00am by Joe.

It's finally here! The Neopets Battledome TCG by Upper Deck launches today in the USA and Canada!

Check with your local Upper Deck Diamond Dealer to see if they are carrying it.

The cards will be available online at Upper Deck Store from 9am NST/PDT and are currently available (for USA shipping only) at Dave & Adam's Card World, Steel City Collectibles, (and for Canada shipping only) 401 Games, and Cardboard Memories. If you are international, Upper Deck is able to ship to multiple countries. You will need to contact them, so they can check to see if they are able to ship to your country (and what it will cost) and they will place the order manually.

Many stores will also be running launch events through the week. So far we're aware of two in the US and many in Canada. Do you know of one we don't? Please let us know!

If you've attended an event, we'd love to see photos!

Additionally, Upper Deck will be live today on twitch at 8:30AM NST/PDT (11:30 PM EDT) to celebrate the launch, and will also have sneak previews of the Official Battledome League Season One promo cards!


Watch the VOD here.

OBL Season One promo cards come in a pack of two (one codestone, and one other card), and are available now for game stores to order from their distributors. They can not sell them, they can only be given away free with purchase or for participating in in-store events. There are 22 exclusive foil cards in the set that feature a new type of foiling.  Six (three Legends, and three Codestones) feature all new artwork by Anthony Conley, and some (such as Money Tree which is otherwise Starter Deck exclusive) are only available in Foil through OBL.

Accessories are also in the works!  Playmats and Sleeves will be launching at Gen Con, and additional items (binders, deck boxes, etc.) coming after.

They are also working on expansions and the first will be available in (or about) November!

Click here for a learn to play video.

Click here to see the OBL Season One Promo Cards.

Click here to see all cards from the Defenders of Neopia Set!

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Posted on June 26th, 2024 @ 1:36pm by kadkam.

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