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Faeries and Legends! (Upper Deck Battledome TCG Update)

Posted on April 4th, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

This week's Upper Deck Battledome TCG update features Legends of Neopia and Faeries which enact powerful abilities and effects to ensure your path to victory is successful!

Throughout Neopia, many names and characters are revered as legend… tales of heroes, villains, and other strange phenomena that bring life (and menacing creatures that steal pants) to the lands! You will find many of these illustrious names in the Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game in the form of the Legend card type.

Just like Equipment, Legends have a level requirement needed to play them. However, instead of going to a specific zone in the Battledome, they are discarded after you have resolved the ability on the card. The Legends in your deck will often have abilities crucial to advancing your game plan. You might find that drawing cards, disrupting your opponent, or maximizing your card selection are your best options and will look to fill your deck with the appropriate Legends. Or you just really want to play your favorite characters! Here is a look at the cards for Money Tree, The Pant Devil, and Lightning Lenny.

The Legends don’t stop here! There are many more options available in the Starter Decks and Defenders of Neopia base set that bring even more of Neopia’s vast roster into play to diversify your collecting and deckbuilding!

Upper Deck has also provided us these exclusive previews of three additional Legends!

Faeries are some of Neopia’s most beloved creatures, blessing your pets with powers, abilities, and even sometimes soup! We have brought these magical beings to you in Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game in the form of powerful cards, aimed to inspire various deckbuilding strategies and give you strong pillars on which to support your Neopets. Here is a look at the Battle Faerie Aethia and one of the most cherished, mother of the Soup Kitchen, the Soup Faerie. As you can see, Faeries have strong abilities that can do a multitude of things. In this case, Aethia signals a plan around playing Equipment, while Soup Faerie grants you a boost in card draw every turn. This is only a glimpse at the many options Faeries will offer in the Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game. There are another 4 Faeries you will find (1 of which is Naia, who you might’ve seen in the 6-card promo sheets) in Defenders of Neopia, for a total of 6. Who else do you think they could be?

Be sure to also check out Upper Deck's Twitch channel tomorrow (April 5th) at 12:00PM NST/PDT (3:00PM EDT) where Battledome TCG game designer, Bobby Coovert, will be discussing the cards that were shown off today as well as more exclusive previews!

Update: Check out the VOD here!

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