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Potions and Food! (Upper Deck Battledome TCG Update)

Posted on April 11th, 2024 @ 9:00am by Joe.

It's the final week of card type previews for the upcoming Battledome TCG and this week the spotlight is on Potions and Food which provide some great stat boosts! (Stay tuned for more updates on gameplay up until release!)

As the game carries on and battling gets more complex, it’s always good to have an extra quick trick ready to give you that edge towards victory. The second to last card type from Defenders of Neopia we are previewing today is Potion! These cards are like Legends in that they are discarded after use and have unique abilities that match the various archetypes you will find. Sometimes they’ll have you roll dice and do certain things based on the results, other times they will play into a more complex strategy like the ones found on Fyora and Jhudora.

Here are a few Potions you will find in the base set of Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game:

The final card type we are previewing for Defenders of Neopia is Food! Food is a little different in that it is not beholden to the same restrictions as other cards. Your parents told you to never play with your food and the same rule applies here! Food does not count as your card played for the turn! Which means you can play as many as you want, at any time (unless stated otherwise), even on your opponent’s turn. However, unlike Legends or Potions, after you are done resolving the effects of your Food card, it goes to the Void (of your stomach) instead of your discard.

The flexibility of the Food cards gives you options to make quick reactions when you need to and open the strategy of the game from turn to turn. Here are a few of them you will see in Defenders of Neopia:

Upper Deck has also provided us these exclusive previews of two additional Delicious? Foods!

Be sure to also check out Upper Deck's Twitch channel tomorrow (April 12th) at 10:00AM NST/PDT (1:00PM EDT) where Battledome TCG game designer, Bobby Coovert, will be discussing the cards that were shown off today as well as more exclusive previews!

Update: Check out the VOD here!

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